Minggu, 02 Oktober 2011

New Gadget

Finally i got myself an iPhone! This cool gadget that my friends always talked about. After think and rethinkin it over and over, i decide to buy it! First impression : i was amazed with its photographic ability, taking pictures, editing them and then posting them was never this easy! very cool! I also like the games applications, and the latest found was 'blogger' application, to make it easier to blog anywhere anywhen! This post is my first try at the application btw :D

Jumat, 25 Februari 2011

Surya Namaskara A

Just like what I wrote in my previous post, I started practicing Yoga. It's been around 3-4 months now.
I never knew before that Yoga was very challenging and addicting! I used to stare at Yoga class from the glass door entrance and wondering what they were doing in there. I was only a starer until my stepper fellow, Lily, asked me to join a session just to have a taste of it, I decided to give it a try.
I still remember my first yoga session. It was hard! the moves that I always thought can be done easily were surprisingly difficult! The moves themselves were simple but we must do it right. The posture must be right, the breathing needed to be done with Ujay breathing – breathing from the throat, usually done when we wanted to clean our glasses or sunglasses using the humidity of the breath, please note that we can hear a hissing sound coming from our throat as we breath out – and some movement needed a full concentration as they need some internal rotation. By the end of the class, I felt like I've been worn out ! The mattress and the floor surrounding me was wet. I was wet as if I was poured by a rain. I swore that I sweat more than a cycling or pumping session. Besides a good workout, the other benefit that I felt after each Yoga session was a peace of mind. The savasana - corpse pose that was done at the end of session was a total relaxation pose when we inhaled a positive energy into the body and exhaled the negative one out.
By the way, this post actually about series of movement that is a must be done when we practice Yoga. It's called Surya Namaskara A or Sun Salutation A. The series that I usually done is shown in picture below, oh I get the picture from here

The flow of a sun salutation A are in order of :
1. Mountain pose or upward tree position - Standing with arms position up over the head.
2. Uttanasana A - Bending and reaching the knee, glut stretch
3. Uttanasana B - Flat back
4. Jump backward and straight into plank position
5. Chaturanga Dandasana - similar like push up
6. Upward facing dog or Cobra
7. Adho Mukha Shavanasana - Downward facing dong.
8. Jump back forward and straight to Uttasana B
9. Breath in as we do Uttasana A again
10. Samasthitih with a breath out.

I usually do the sun salutation A three or four time. But I read on someone blog that they can do this series movement for 54 sets. Crazy! hehehe... Well, I am still learning, and will write about other movement later.

Julian, Off to Yoga Class..


Kamis, 23 Desember 2010

All that I want....

Gosh... It's 23rd of December already...
The new year is coming and it's coming fast! Do you guys always make resolutions on each and every year end?
Me, Sometimes I did, but sometimes i just forget to do so..

I know it's a bit early, and it's not really a resolutions too.. Just things that  I want to be happened in 2011.

  • I want to have lot of money! So that I can buy a house (A must in 2011), treat my friends right, and the most important thing to buy something for my parent that can make them smile.

  • I want to have a six pack muscled body! It has been like a lifetime wish ya, the one that seems like it will never become real. But next year, I will make it! *crossing finger*

  • I want to have many friends! I must admit that I am a selfish one, I always put myself first before everyone else. This year, I met new people who have this pleasant personality and they just shone this warm light that attracting others. I want to be one of them.

There! Only three simple wants! the things that i will try to achieve in 2011!
May it all become true!

Julian, Wishing you all a Happy New Year!! 

Kamis, 18 November 2010

Fishing Luck in Friendship

"Friendship is about fishing luck.. If we are lucky, someone will bite our lure and be our friend forever, in the other hand, if we are unlucky, someone won't be attracted to the lure, or worse someone already bite it but then get off before we can catch them for good"

This is some words about friendship, my friend Toma, once said to me. I like it, and I think it's true.
The lures : Talking about the lures, I personally think it's the common interest. People can easily get 'clicked' because they share the common interest. it could be anything. I got some of my bestest friend now because we share same idea, same spot of hanging out, same hobby,  etc. The theory is when we have same interests then we have something to talked about. That's when it started, right?
The process : I guess we all know, the process of fishing itself is not easy and quick. We need to know the technique of  when to reeling in the fish and when to reel it out. It's the same with friendship. In order to become best friend, it takes quite some time of understanding each other, maintaining a continuous and reciprocal connection. This continuous communication is the fertilizer to a best friend tree to grow strong. A good friend will be there in happy moments and sad moments. They will be there to laugh together, to share our happiness yet they will also be there to cherish us when we are down. They'll lend their shoulder for us to cry. The time frame here is a bit unclear though. With one person, It could takes months or even years until we can feel that they are our best friend while with another it could takes maybe days to feel like we've known them forever.
The catch : IMO the key to a catch is the trust. For me, when I feel comfortable and ready to trust someone with my deepest secret, my craziest thought, my humiliating behaviors with him/her, that's the time that I have catch them as my best friend and they have catch me as theirs.  

Do I have a lots of luck in finding friendship?
The answer is NO. he he he...
The fact that I am a shy, introvert, selfish, egosentrical person makes me kind of difficult to fish in the pond of friendship.
I realized that, and slowly I tried to change this not so good quality of mine.

Oh another thing, I am kind of forgive not forgotten person too. So, if my friend do something really 'big' that crushed my trust and hurted my feelings so bad. I will forgive them in time, but I'm not that kind to forget what they've done and I called this as the moment when the friend has catch the lure but then they get off before i can catch them for good. This has happened twice now. well, I guess it was just not meant to be :)

, gone fishing...